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Earlier, water has always been the "enemy" of smartphones' most taboo and fear. Once it is eroded by water, it can be black screen, but it can't be turned on. Therefore, you have to consider buying another mobile phone again. Is it very worrying? Even though some early manufacturers introduced three-proof mobile phones, they were not popular because they had a thick protective layer that was too bulky. Later, because the demand for waterproofing was more urgent, and users value the appearance more, the manufacturers spent a lot of energy to find a balance between the waterproof and aesthetic functions, and launched a number of waterproof smart phones that support IP67 or above. The so-called IP translation is Ingress Protection Rating, which refers to the ability of an interface to protect liquid and solid particles. The two digits at the back represent the dust level and the waterproof level. The higher the number, the higher the level. The previous number “6” refers to the fact that the dust cannot enter the entire diameter of the object and cannot exceed the gap of the outer casing. Under the latter figure “7”, continuous immersion in the water will not cause harmful effects on the mobile phone. Today, Sina Mobile introduces several popular mobile phones that support waterproof. In addition to waterproof, it also has a good hardware configuration, and interested friends can choose.

Samsung GALAXY S10+ (parameters offer forum software)

Reference price: 6998 yuan

Samsung should be regarded as the first batch of IP68 waterproof and dustproof mobile phone manufacturers. Since its development, its waterproof technology has been very mature. "IP68" has become a symbol of the S series and Note series flagship, the newly released Samsung S10+ This feature is also naturally supported. The Samsung S10+ uses a super-sensory full-screen screen, which is punched in the upper right corner of the screen, which further increases the screen ratio to 93.1%. It shows a very high level in multiple dimensions such as color gamut, dynamic range and brightness. Level, HDR10+ display technology can give game lovers and chase players a more comfortable sensory experience.


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三星GALAXY S10 +采用了无聊的屏幕设计,屏幕比例得到了很大的提升,搭载了6.4英寸3040x1440像素分辨率的AMOLED显示屏,搭载了高通Snapdragon 855旗舰平台,内置8GB + 128GB启动存储组合,配备超声波指纹识别,电池容量为4100mAh,同时还支持无线充电(还可以无线共享其他设备的充电),IP68防水和立体声扬声器以及杜比全景音效。


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三星GALAXY S10 +后置摄像头采用三摄像头设计,这是一款1200万像素的主摄像头,像素尺寸为1.4μm,光圈为f/1.5-2.4。一款1600万像素的超广角相机,像素尺寸为1.0μm。光圈f/2.4; 1200万像素长焦镜头,像素尺寸为1.0微米,光圈为f/2.4。支持2160p/60fps视频拍摄。这也是三星首次采用三镜头镜头。三星S10 +采用前置双摄像头,主摄像头1000W像素光圈F1.9,副镜头800万像素光圈F2.2。

华为P30 Pro(参数论坛软件)


华为近年来一直遵循IP68防水技术。新的华为P30 Pro也是一款非常强大的铲斗机。屏幕采用6.47英寸珍珠屏幕,磁悬浮声屏取代耳机,弧形玻璃设计提供更好的屏幕视觉感受。背面采用9层纳米真空光学镀膜工艺,层状彩色膜叠加在黑色底部。由于使用微米级喷墨印刷,厚度仅为纸张的1/100,当被光照射时,就像彩虹般的光纹理。


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华为P30 Pro采用6.47英寸OLED双曲线水滴屏幕,分辨率为2340 * 1080,支持DCI-P3宽色域。支持屏幕指纹识别和屏幕声音技术,还支持IP68防尘防水功能。背面由3D玻璃制成,提供五种颜色的天空,红茶,极光,珠光和黑色。性能方面,华为P30 Pro搭载麒麟980处理器,拥有8GB + 128GB/256GB,8GB + 512GB存储组合,支持双卡双待,内置4200mAh电池,支持40W超快充电(70%充电半小时) ,15W无线快速充电,反向无线充电,预安装基于Android 9.0的EMUI 9.1操作系统,支持用手机解锁汽车。


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对于相机,华为P30 Pro配备了超感应四拍,包括一个40万像素的超感应镜头(f1.6光圈,ISO 409600),一个20万像素的超广角镜头,以及一个800万像素的潜望镜。焦距镜头和TOF镜头,其中超感应镜头和远摄镜头都支持光学防抖,潜望镜长焦镜头支持5倍光学变焦,10倍混合变焦和最大50倍数码变焦。华为P30 Pro配备32万像素前置摄像头。使用AI智能美容算法,自拍更具吸引力。此外,AI HDR +采用精确的人像分割算法优化脸部的区域光照,结合多帧合成和人工智能智能处理,使脸部光线更加逼真自然。 Apple iPhone XS(参数提供论坛软件)


iPhone XS在外观上与iPhone X没有什么不同。它有金黄色,但性能比上一代要好得多。 iPhone XS还具有IP68防水功能。 Apple声称可以在2米的水深中停留30分钟。防水性能非常好。


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Appearance, iPhone XS design style is almost the same as last year's iPhone X, both use the bangs full screen glass body design, Face ID replaces fingerprint recognition, but the metal frame, body size, color matching and other aspects of changes. Among them, the iPhone XS has added gold to the previous silver and deep gray color scheme. The iPhone XS is equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2436*1125. In terms of performance, the iPhone XS uses the Apple A12 six-core processor, running memory upgrade to 4GB, and is equipped with three storage solutions of 64GB/256GB/512GB. For the camera, the rear is equipped with 12 million pairs of cameras. They are large wide-angle and telephoto cameras with apertures of f1.8 and f2.4 respectively, supporting SmartHDR. Front 7 megapixel camera, f2.2 aperture. Network standard: iPhone XS country behavior single card, while iPhone XR and XS MAX are dual card dual standby, support IP68 dustproof and waterproof. Endurance iPhoneXs is 30 minutes longer than iPhoneX.


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Apple's next-generation iPhone highlights are mainly in the hardware segment, with the strongest mobile phone performance, good camera experience, leading 3D face recognition, and exclusive iOS12 system. The slot is mainly because the price exceeds the expectations of many people, and there is nothing new in the design.

Sony Xperia 1

Reference price: 6299 yuan

xx日本人特别注意防水。作为日本着名的手机制造商,索尼自然会为自己的手机增添防水功能。新款索尼Xperia 1就是其中之一。索尼Xperia 1采用6.5英寸Cinema Wide 4K HDR OLED显示屏,这是第一款4K OLED屏幕。借助Bravia A9系列技术和X1 for mobile引擎,可以调整屏幕参数以获得更好的观看体验。在外观上,该机采用金属框架的无缝设计,结合前后玻璃面板,外观和质感;并提供四种颜色的夏子,夜黑,雾灰,雾白。


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索尼Xperia 1采用了6.5英寸显示屏(分辨率为3840×1644),屏幕宽高比为21:9,搭载高通Snapdragon 855旗舰平台,电池容量为3300mAh,支持18W PD快充,立体声双扬声器,支持Du More比全景声音,支持IP65/68防护等级,预装Android P系统。存储方面是6 + 128GB的组合,机身侧面配备了侧面指纹解锁。


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对于相机而言,索尼Xperia 1设置为800万像素,而后三镜头组合正式声称与XZ3相比灵敏度提高了4倍。它可以在暗光下捕捉更少的噪音和更高的清晰度。更加柔和的光线照片。索尼Xperia 1具有背面1200万广角(26mm,全像素双核焦点,OIS)+ 1200万长焦(52mm,OIS)和1200万超广角(16mm)的详细参数。三枪组合,支持混合EID/OIS图像稳定技术。高达10倍的广角数码变焦足以覆盖日常使用中的大多数拍摄场景。